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Profile Customer Support Executive

A sales Associate is the third highest-level employee and vice leader of either “Farmer Team” of the sales department of the ITAMOTO COMPANY. The main purpose and importance of this position is to make the sales team stronger by bridging team coordination of entry-level employees with higher-level employees – Sales Associate.

Roles & Responsibility:

  1. Convert every lead and make maximum sales possible.
  2. Nurture and give satisfactory service support to every customer.
  3. Give proper direction, delegation, training, and motivation to CSE and other entry-level staffs.
  4. Maintain accounts of daily sales and conversions.
  5. Expert support to loyal and VIP customers.
  6. To be a dedicated deal manager of a particularly big deal.
  7. To submit Sales and performance reports to the Sales Associate.


  1. To achieve maximum growth in “Sales & Revenue”.
  2. Nurture and build maximum loyal customers.
  3. To make the best customer support team.
  4. To maintain customer retention and grow customer base.

Power & Authority:

  1. Delegation and direction MTS of the sales department.
  2. Delegation & direction of Entry Level Staff of any department of the company.

To Report: Sales Associate

  1. Daily Sales and Leads data & numbers with the correct audited report.
  2. Staff attendance and performance report.
  3. Customer follow-up and quarry report

To control & Monitor: MTS & Entry Level staff

Duty & Tasks:

  1. Tour Package customer deals
  2. Connect operators with customers
  3. Help MTS and entry-level staff with expert ideas, direction & work.

Work Time: 9 am – 5 pm (1 Hour Launch break)

Pay level: Level 2 (10K -14K per month) + Bonus + Incentive

Hard Skills requirement: Driving, Experience with CRM or POS Software

Soft Skills Requirement:

Communication skills, writing skills, critical thinking, listening skills, decision making, fluent English speaking, fluent Hindi speaking, Persuasion, Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, Curiosity, Time Management, Adaptability, technical knowledge, resilience, patience, people management, motivator, Humility, Growth Mindset.

The week off: Once a Week

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