Terms & Conditions for Users


ItaMoto only provides a technology platform that connects intending travelers with cab operators in Arunachal Pradesh. It doesn’t operate any cab or offer the service of transportation to the User. ItaMoto also doesn’t act as an agent of any cab operator in the process of providing the above-mentioned technology platform services.

The cab ticket booking voucher that ItaMoto issues to a User are solely based on the information provided or updated by the cab operator regarding seat availability.

The amenities, services, routes, fares, schedule, vehicle type, seat availability, and any other details pertaining to the cab service are provided by the respective cab operator and ItaMoto has no control over such information provided by the cab operator.


In its role as a technology platform to facilitate transactions between the cab operators and the Users, ItaMoto shall not be responsible for the operations of the cab operator including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Timely departure or arrival of the vehicle.
  2. The conduct of cab operator’s employees, representatives, or agents.
  3. The condition of the cab, seats, etc. not being up to the customer’s expectation or as per the description provided by the cab operator.
  4. Cancellation of the trip due to any reasons.
  5. Loss or damage of the baggage of the customer.
  6. The cab operator changing a customer’s seat for any reason whatsoever.
  7. Cab operators inform a wrong boarding point for the issuance of the booking confirmation voucher, or change such boarding point eventually with or without any notification to ItaMoto or the User.
  8. The cab operator uses a separate pick-up vehicle to transport the User from the designated boarding point to the actual place of departure of the cab.


Users are advised to call the cab operator to find out the exact boarding point, or any information which they may need for the purpose of boarding or traveling on that trip.

At the time of boarding the cab, Users shall furnish a copy of the ticket, and any valid identity proof like aadhar card, passport, PAN card or voter identification card, or any other identity proof issued by a government authority.

Users are required to reach the boarding place at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

All tickets issued shall be non-transferable.


Cancellation of tickets can be done either through the User’s login to ItaMoto’s website or mobile application, or by calling on the customer care number.

Any cancellation is subject to such cancellation charges as mentioned on the ticket.

User needs to compulsorily obtain a cab ticket at the regular fare in case a child above the age of 5 years is accompanied by them unless otherwise, a particular cab operator specifies otherwise in their terms and conditions. 


All information given in the Brochure is based on the information available at the time of publication. ItaMoto reserves the right to change any information contained in the Brochure before or after booking the outbound tour due to any event(s) beyond the control of ItaMoto.

The prices quoted in the brochure will be calculated at the time of publication and are subject to change ItaMoto reserves the right to amend the prices published in the brochure in case of, changes in fuel costs, special/ high season charges levied by the suppliers, hike in the airline/ rail charges before the date of departure. All such increases in price must be paid for in full before the departure by the User.

In case ItaMoto becomes aware of any change before the departure for the Tour, ItaMoto will take all reasonable steps to notify the User before the departure for that Tour. In the event of ItaMoto becoming aware of the changes post the departure for the Tour, the ItaMoto tour manager or local representative will inform the User about the change.

Apart from the instant Terms of Service and the User Agreement, some specific terms and conditions are mentioned against the respective Tour in the Website as well as email communication and confirmed booking vouchers. Those terms and conditions also form part of the ItaMoto User Agreement & Terms of Service and are to be read together and in consonance with each other.


ItaMoto will provide a proposed itinerary to the User before the booking. The proposed itinerary shall be subject to changes. The confirmed booking details sent to the User before departure and after payment of the entire booking amount shall be final.

The Tour price is subject to increase without any prior notice. In case of any change in the price prior to departure, the User would be required to pay such incremental tour cost before the departure.

ItaMoto takes all reasonable steps at the time of finalizing the itinerary for the User to ensure that the itinerary is convenient and comfortable for the User. However, in the event of a change in the itinerary, ItaMoto would inform the User accordingly before the departure of the User on the Outbound Tour.

Further, in the event of any change beyond the control of ItaMoto in the itinerary of the User post departure for the tour, ItaMoto shall inform the User accordingly as and when such a change occurs. ItaMoto shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for any loss that a User might suffer consequent to such a change.

ItaMoto reserves the right to claim any additional expenses on account of delays or changes in the itinerary, for reasons beyond its control.

ItaMoto reserves the right to amend, alter, vary or withdraw any particular departure, excursion or substitute a hotel of cab category, or any other aspect of the itinerary if deemed advisable or necessary.

In the event that the User misses out on any activity which forms a part of the tour due to delay on his part, ItaMoto would not be held liable to refund the money paid for the same.

ItaMoto will not entertain any change in the itinerary at the request of the User after booking, as such change might disarray the entire tour. However, ItaMoto may, in its sole discretion and subject to availability, provide changes in the itinerary made at the request of the User. The user agrees to pay the additional costs incurred due to such change/cancellation.


Coaches (including cabs, buses, etc.) are used for transfer purposes including but not limited to intercity travel, local transport within the city, and local sightseeing. There may / may not be seat numbers allocated depending upon the itinerary allocated and the Users shall follow instructions of the Tour Manager in this regard.

In case the User is carrying any valuable personal belongings, it is advisable not to leave them behind at the time of disembarking or leaving the coach. ItaMoto will not be held responsible or liable in case of loss of such items from the coach. All baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances the responsibility of the User.

Any damage caused to the coach during travel as a consequence of the actions of the User shall be payable by the User and ItaMoto would in no manner whatsoever be liable for the same.

The drivers of the coaches are bound by specific rules like maximum driving hours within a day/ during a week, rest period per day/ week, etc. Users will have to strictly adhere to the prescribed timetable for the day so that the driver can complete the travel. In the event that any of the sightseeing schedules is missed due to delays caused by the User, the cost of same will not be refunded to the User under any circumstances.

In the event of a breakdown of any coach or any vehicle arranged for transportation, ItaMoto will provide an alternative within a reasonable time. ItaMoto shall not be liable for any delays occurred due to such breakdown or traffic jam or for any reasons causing a delay in the provision of an alternative coach or vehicle.


If the User books with a travel agent, the contract is with the User’s travel agent and ItaMoto is a supplier to the User’s travel agent.

ItaMoto takes no liability for any promises made to the User by any other travel agent authorized by the User to make bookings. All products and services are provided as per ItaMoto Brochures or any other document provided to the User at the time of booking the tour.

In case of bookings through other travel agents, refunds (if any) will be made to the travel agent authorized by the User to make bookings.


ItaMoto may require the User to pay a non-refundable interest-free booking fee at the time of booking the tour.

In the event that the User cancels the booking or fails to adhere to the tour payment schedule as informed in the documentation checklist or the User is unable to travel on the tour booked due to any personal reason, including medical grounds or sickness, cancellation charges will apply as communicated to the User by ItaMoto.

User acknowledges that booking of travel tickets and hotels for a tour is done parallel to ILP (Inner Line Permit), processing, wherever applicable, to ensure the availability as per the proposed itinerary. In the event of any denial or rejection of ILP (Inner Line Permit), shall be entitled to recover any cost incurred in making such bookings by way of deducting cancellation charges as specified hereinabove. User acknowledges that such charges are just and fair and are deducted towards expenses that ItaMoto incurs towards making bookings at the request of the User and consequent cancellation or non-travel by the User.


ItaMoto may, from time to time, launch some promotions and discount offers on the tour package internally or externally through advertisements and some Users might receive additional benefits due to entitlement to such promotions and discounts. No claims from other Users booking a similar tour or package for such privileges shall lie if they are not entitled to the discounts or eligible under the promotion.

In case of publication of any travel scheme offering any discount or benefit by ItaMoto, ItaMoto shall have the sole right to withdraw such a scheme or discount at any time.


ItaMoto’s role is limited to facilitating the procurement of an Activity service to the User from the concerned Activity Provider. The transaction or the service fulfillment relation is always between the User and the Activity Provider.

ItaMoto shall not provide a pick-up and drop facility for any Activity unless otherwise explicitly mentioned in the confirmation of the reservation.

ItaMoto shall not be liable or responsible for:

  1. Any damage or loss, injury, accident, death, breakdown, irregularity, delay/change in schedule, cancellation without cause, inaccurate information, deficiency of service/product, or cancellation due to conditions not under the control of the Activity Provider.
  2. The health, safety, and well-being of the User in the course of availing the Activity or thereafter.
  3. Any incidental or ancillary services which is directly purchased by the User from the Activity Provider.
  4. Any incorrect information provided by the Activity Provider.
  5. The maximum liability of ItaMoto will be limited to a refund of the booking amount which was received by ItaMoto for the reservation of the Activity.


  1. The User agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the Activity Provider in addition to ItaMoto’s User Agreement and Terms of Service.
  2. The User will be required to present the booking/confirmation voucher issued by ItaMoto in order to avail of the Activity.
  3. The User shall further be in possession of valid documents viz. identity proof, address proof, ILP in case of Activity booked outside Arunachal Pradesh, or any other document as specified by the Activity Provider in order to utilize the Activity book.
  4. The User may be required to sign a waiver/consent form, safety procedure form, medical declaration, or other documents before availing of the Activity mandated by the Activity Provider.
  5. The User shall reach out to Activity Provider directly for any concerns subsequent to the confirmation of reservation.
  6. The User should ensure that he qualifies all the eligibility criteria for availing of the Activity including but not limited to age limit, weight limit, medical conditions, etc. User understands that in case he is found unfit or illegible for the Activity, the Activity provider may or may not allow the User to avail of the said Activity.


Reservations will be subject to the cancellation and refund policies of the Activity Provider which may vary from time to time. ItaMoto may charge applicable taxes or service charges, convenience fees, etc. wherever applicable.


The following terms will additionally apply to any coupon provided by ItaMoto:

  1. ItaMoto’s responsibility is limited to sharing the coupon with the User subject to receipt of payment from the User.
  2. The redemption of coupons is the User’s responsibility, and providing the service will be the Activity Provider’s responsibility.
  3. The expiry date of the coupon shall be mentioned on the coupon and the User will not be able the use the coupon subsequent to the date of expiry.
  4. The coupon is not redeemable for cash.

The coupon once purchased cannot be refunded or canceled.

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