Terms & Conditions for Driver



1.1   Driver should have a driving license issued by the appropriate authority in India.

1.2  Driver must use only a private vehicle owned by him or which is authorized to be used by him.

1.3   Driver should ensure that the vehicle is in proper working condition and adequate / appropriate insurance policies are obtained for the vehicle, its users and other relevant third parties.

  1. Driver must submit all necessary documents including driving license, RC, insurance etc. along with any other relevant document required for KYC check while enrolling for ItaMoto Captain.
  2. Driver shall not misbehave and mislead. Doing so will lead to delisting the Driver from ItaMoto Captainship and may also attract prosecution under applicable laws.
  3. The Driver shall not charge any amount in addition to the fare listed on Itamoto Travel website.
  4. The Driver shall keep all necessary documents including but not limited to driving license, RC, insurances, pollution under control certificate etc. in the vehicle at the time of the Trip. Driver also undertakes to present the same to the Passenger if a Passenger shows an intent to verify the same.
  5. The Driver will be solely responsible for any and all liability which results from or is alleged as a result of the operation of the vehicle during such Trip, including any legal liability, accidents, injuries, death etc.
  6. Driver shall not drink while driving and shall not allow any other person ( other driver or passenger) to drive his vehicle.

Driver shall report in the event:

(i) the Passenger is different from the one enlisted for pickup.

(ii) of any suspicious behavior by any of the passengers. 

(iii) Passenger violates any law laid down by central or state government.

The Driver shall always obey the traffic rules, and speed restrictions while driving the vehicle to ensure a safe drive for himself and the Passenger(s). Any Driver who is found to be violating the traffic rules or speed restrictions, driving in an inebriated state or under the influence of alcohol, or misbehaving with the Passengers, shall be delisted from ItaMoto Captainship by Itamoto Travel without prejudice to any other legal remedies Itamoto Travel may have.

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