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Arunachal Pradesh is the largest state of seven sister states of northeast India. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. Its former name was NEFA ( North-East Frontier Agency), being a north-east frontier area it was known as NEFA.

This region acquired an independent political status and union territory status on January 20, 1972, and was renamed Arunachal Pradesh. The post of cabinet minister and chief minister was elected for the first time in the year 1975.

Prem Khandu Thugon became the first chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh just after getting union territory status on 15th August 1975.

There are many famous and great Political Leaders in Arunachal Pradesh’s history, but in this article, we’ll know about the chief ministers of Arunachal Pradesh and their office tenure.

List of Chief Ministers of Arunachal Pradesh

SerialChief MinisterTenure
1Prem Khandu Thungon15/08/1975 – 18/09/1979
2Tomo Riba18/09/1979 – 03/11/1979
3Gagong Apang18/01/1980 – 18/01/1999
4Mukut Miti19/01/1999 – 03/08/2003
5Gagong Apang03/08/2003 – 09/04/2007
6Dorjee Khandu09/04/2007 – 30/04/2011
7Jarbom Gamlin05/05/2011 – 30/10/2011
8Nabam Tuki01/11/2011 – 17/05/2014
9Nabam Tuki18/05/2014 – 20/01/2016
10Kalikho Pul19/02/2016 – 13/07/2016
11Nabam Tuki13/07/2016 – 16/07/2016
12Pema Khandu17/07/2016 – Present
List of the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh (Updated 2022)

Some information about the Chief Ministers of Arunachal Pradesh

Prem Khandu Thungon

Born on 5th June 1946 in Shergoan, West Kameng district. First Chief Councillor of the Pradesh Council (1972-75).

First Chief Minister of U.T. of Arunachal Pradesh (1975-79). Elected to Lok Sabha from Arunachal West in January 1980 as INC(i) candidate and became Deputy Minister. Re-elected in 1984, 1989, and 1991 Lok Sabha elections.

Union Minister of State from July 1991 to September 1995.

Tomo Riba:

Born in Daring village in West Siang district. He was a councilor of the Pradesh council (1975-77), Minister (1975-77) in the provisional Legislative assembly.

He was elected to the first U.T. Assembly in 1978 and became the Chief Minister from 18h September to 3rd November 1979 for a brief period and re-elected to the second Legislative Assembly in 1980.

A former President of PPA and Janata Dal. He became an M.L.A . in the Second State Legislative Assembly in 1995. He was elected as M.P in May 1996 from Arunachal (West) to 11th Lok Sabha (1996-97) and died on 16th February 2000 at Guwahati.

Gegong Apang:

He was the longest-serving Chief Minister of AP. from 18th January 1980 to 18th January 1999 and then from 3rd August 2003 to 8th April 2007.

Born on 10th January 1947 at Karko near Yingkiong in the Upper Siang district. Member Pradesh Council (1972-75), MLA (1975-77). Elected to the first U.T.

Assembly in February 1978. Minister, PWD, Agriculture, etc. from 1977 to 1979, President APCC (I) in 1982, and Chairman NECCC-(I) 1993-96.

Founder Chairman, Donyi-Polo Mission since establishment in 1979 till 1999 and again from 2004 and associated with many other philanthropic organizations.

Mukut Mithi:

He was the Chief Minister of A.P. from 19th January 1999 to 2nd August 2003. Born on 1st January 1951 at Roing in Lower Dibang Valley district and had his education at R.K. Mission School, Narendrapur, and J.N. Agricultural University, Jabbalpur.

He had first elected in the Second U.T. Legislative Assembly in April 1985 in a by-election. Since then he continues to be an M.L.A. and held various Ministerial posts in the State Cabinet at different times.

He was Lt Governor of Puducherry from 19th July 2006. (18th LG)to 12-03-08. Elected MP Raja Sabha on 19-03-08 and administered the oath of secrecy on 4th June 2008 and re-elected on 19th June 2014.

Dorjee Khandu:

He was the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh from 9th April 2007 to 30-4-2011. Born on 19th March 1955 in Gyankhar village of Tawang District.

He holds the various political post since 1980 and as MLA in March 1990 and become a Minister since1995. A prominent social worker and politician. He was elected as MLA unopposed in 1990.

He died in a tragic Pawan Hans Helicopter crash near Shela Pass on 30th April 2011 while the return from Tawang to Itanagar.

Jarbom Gamlin: 

He was Chief Minister of A.P from 5th May to 30th October 2011. Born on 16th April 1961 at Aalo in West Siang District.

An LLB from Delhi University he becomes an Advocate and was President of the Arunachal Bar Association from 1992-2001. Earlier he was President of AAPSU from 1981-83. He was Lok Sabha MP from Arunachal West Parliamentary Constituency from 1999-2004.

In 2004 he was elected as MLA from Liromoba and become Minister of Home etc. Re-elected 2009 Assembly Election and become Minister Power etc. Till becoming Chief Minister on 5th May. Died on 30th November 2014.

Nabam Tuki: 

Tuki is the 7th Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh since 1st November 2011. Born on 7th July 1964 in Ompuli village in Sagalee Sub-Division, Papumpare District.

He holds the post of minister with various portfolios since 1995 in a different capacity. He was the president of APCCI. He has served the Congress Party continuously since 1983 when he was elected as President of NSUI.

Kalikho Pul: 

The 8th Chief Minister of AP from 19th February 2016 to 13th July 2016. Born on 20th July 1969 at Walla village under Hawai circle of the then Lohit district, now under Anjaw district.

A graduate of IG College, Tezu, was first elected as a MILA in 1995 from the Hayuliang constituency. During the last 20 years, he holds the post of Minister in the state Cabinet in different capacities viz. Deputy Minister (1995-97), MoS (1997-2003), and Cabinet Minister (20003-2011 and 2014).

He was the longest-served Finance Minister of the State. He belongs to the Kaman Mishmi and is associated with various developmental activities of the area and state as a whole. He died on 9th August 2016 at Itanagar.

Pema Khandu: 

The Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh from 17th July 2016 and became the youngest Chief Minister of the State and the country.

Born on 29th August 1979 at Tawang, he is the eldest son of former CM Lt. Dorjee Khandu. A graduate with a History (Hons) from the Hindu College of Delhi University in 2000, he is actively involved in socio-cultural and political activities since 1998 and became President of Tawang DCC in 2010.

He elects to the State Assembly from the Mukto constituency in a by-poll in 2011 after the demise of his father and became Cabinet minister on 21st May 2011.

Again elected in the 2014 Assembly election and became Minister on 1st June 2014  and resigned on 27th October 2015. He has traveled widely in different countries and is closely associated with numerous socio-culture organizations.

FAQs about Chief Ministers of Arunachal Pradesh

Who is the chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh?

Ans: Shri Pema Khandu is the present Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh.

Who is the first chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh?

Ans: P.K Thungon is the first chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh.

Who is the longest-serving Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh?

Ans: Gegong Apang is the longest-serving Chief Minister in the history of Arunachal Pradesh.

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